Day care

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Do you work long hours, have a busy home schedule or perhaps just want your dog to get a little more out of life – then the doggy day care teachers are waiting for you!



As much care should go into selecting your pet’s grooming salon as you would your hair dresser. Our fabulous Pet Stylists are waiting to make them look and smell beautiful.




Training should be fun for your dog and you. So if you have a puppy ready to learn the basics or an older dog looking for some new tricks, then sniff out what we have to offer.


A Few Words About Us
Fully focus

‘Happy dogs, happy parents, happy life – all force free and positive’

We know that your puppies are a member of your family and therefore our services mirror the quality standards you would expect in a human child care.  Our goal is to create the most exciting, positive and safe time for our doggie clients while providing their parents peace of mind knowing that they are in the hands of a professional, trusted, caring team while participating in any of our services which include:

  • Off leash doggy day care

  • Group and one-on-one training

  • Grooming services

Paws & Relax is best known for the love, dedication and high quality of service that our team provides.   We are your partners in pet parenting and look forward to working with you to care, nurture and educate your fur-child.  
Meet Max

This good looking bulldog offering you a big ‘play bow’ is Max, our Paws & Relax logo.

This most delightful canine position of the chest down and bottom up is a dog’s way of inviting other dogs and people to play and have some fun.  So what are you waiting for, Max is offering you a big play bow inviting you and your doggie into our centre to join the positive, happy, family atmosphere.