Scent Games Level 1


  • Let your pup sniff out some treats through a maze of boxes in a controlled, indoor environment.
  • Treats will be hidden in boxes throughout the room out of view, but not in an enclosed object such as a drawer.  The boxes may be hidden down low or up higher in the room.  Your dog must find and successfully alert to the scent.
  • Classes are small, with one dog ‘working’ at a time.   If you have an anxious dog or reactive dog this class is the perfect starting point for you.

What will you learn:

  • Level 1 stimulates your dog’s enthusiasm for the game with easy to find treasures in a room.
  • How to make and place scents, recognise and reward your dog’s searching.
  • How to make the search for scent fun while they build their searching skills, drive and enthusiasm and you learn the handling skills.
  • Years Old All ages
  • Class Size 6
  • Class Duration 5 x 1 hour classes
  • Time
  • Class Teacher Michaela