Doggy Day School

Doggy Day School puts your dog on the training fast track and keeps them there!  This premium program is designed to cater for busy people who struggle to attend group classes or who need more specialised attention such as loose lead walking. These classes are in partnership with you as the pet parent. Your dog’s teacher will provide a daily verbal and written report plus provide your homework in their own folder.

Offered during the week, doggy students attend one day over six weeks in their own air-conditioned room with a small class (max 6 dogs) for optimal results.  You just drop your dog off in the morning and pick them up again in the afternoon after a full day at school.

Doggy Day School is more like a Montessori education where the dogs are able to develop at their own pace with gentle guidance from their teachers.  You select the training program that meets your needs and interest.  Your dog will have one-on-one time training, free play with appropriate classmates and ample amounts of attention.

* Payment plans available

  • Years Old 4 Months +
  • Class Size 6
  • Class Duration 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Class Staff Michaela
$800 Plans Available
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