Calm Canines

Need some help with training your adult dog and don’t know where to start?

Does your pooch have boundless energy gets them in trouble? Well, the reign of terrier is over.  Get some zen into your life and learn the skills to keep your dog calm.

This four week class aims to teach doggos and their humans how to stop and smell the roses. A dog who learns to be calm and relaxed can become your trusted sidekick to take out and about everywhere with you.

This is a hands-on, fun and informative class where you will learn some fun and simple ways to cover relaxation cues how to settle, using play to instil an on/off switch, and a foolproof ‘go to mat’ command.

What will you learn:

  • How to get your dog to settle in their crate or ‘go to mat’ for some quiet time
  • Preparing your dog to use a crate for travel or when visiting friends
  • Prevent your dog jumping all over your visitors.
  • Keep calm in exciting situations
  • Start Date 16/10/2019
  • Years Old 6 Months +
  • Class Size 6
  • Class Duration 1 hour class x 4 weeks
  • Time 9:30 am
  • Class Teacher Michaela